Donation Request FAQs

Who does Andy’s Frozen Custard donate to?

  • Everything we do as a company is driven by our mission. Andy’s Frozen Custard has identified children's education as the company’s focused giving area, both as a company and through employee volunteer efforts. Priority will be given to requests directly relating to children under the eighth grade living in the communities we serve.

What kind of donations does Andy’s Frozen Custard make?

  • Andy’s Frozen Custard donates physical product in the form of single serve scoops and free treat cards. Andy’s does not make cash donations, or buy any sort of sponsorship packages as a donation.

How much notice do I need to give Andy’s Frozen Custard in order to receive a donation?

  • All requests must be submitted at least TWO WEEKS prior to the event to be considered.

How will I know if my request is accepted or declined?

  • A response to your request will be sent via email to you within TEN BUSINESS DAYS, if a valid email address was provided in your contact information. If your request is approved, you will receive an official confirmation by email. Due to the high volume of requests received, we are unable to confirm the status of requests or receipt of requests by telephone.

Where do I pick up my physical donation?

  • If you are requesting a physical donation, you can pick your approved product donation up at the location specified in the initial request, and at an approved time. Specific details will be included in your official "approved donation" confirmation email.

Will you mail me my gift card or treat cards?

  • If you are approved for a treat card donation, Andy’s Frozen Custard will mail your donation to the provided mailing address within TWO WEEKS of official approval.

Donations are closed in my area

  • From time to time, we have reached the maximum capacity of donations in an area.