Number One Seasonal Treat, Pumpkin Pie Concrete, Arrives at Andy's Frozen Custard

Andy’s Frozen Custard, the freestanding quick service frozen dessert business, announced today that their number one seasonal treat, the Pumpkin Pie Concrete, is now available at all Andy’s Frozen Custard store locations.

Throughout the fall season, while supplies last, the Pumpkin Pie Concrete will be available at all locations. Not only is the treat available as a concrete, but also as a take-home quart for fans to enjoy anytime they have a pumpkin craving. Inspired by the spicy flavors of fall, the concrete is made with a whole-piece of freshly baked pumpkin pie with Andy’s “made fresh hourly” vanilla Frozen Custard. The pumpkin pie itself is made every day at each of the stores with the company’s own special recipe.

“Our Pumpkin Pie Concrete is easily the most anticipated seasonal treat that we have,” said Andy Kuntz, President at Andy’s Frozen Custard. “What makes the treat so unique is that we use a whole piece of pumpkin pie, crust and all, and gently blend it with our Frozen Custard.”

Andy’s Frozen Custard Pumpkin Pie Concretes have been appearing seasonally in the stores for over two decades. For a full list of seasonal offerings, visit

Come by your neighborhood Andy’s Frozen Custard this fall, and have a Pumpkin Pie Concrete - you’ll be glad you did!