Key Lime Pie Concrete and Peach Concrete: Summertime Favorites

Fans wait for them all year. They line up at their favorite locations just to get a taste. When it’s this time of year, the communities with Andy’s Frozen Custard stores are buzzing.

What’s the reason for all the frenzy? It’s Key Lime Pie and Peach Concrete season; two “limited-time only” treats that come around for a limited time once a year at Andy’s Frozen Custard. Just imagine, a whole slice of key lime pie blended with Andy’s fresh vanilla frozen custard. It’s a delicate sweet-and-sour harmony like nothing else on their menu. If peaches are more of your “cup-of-tea”, just wait until you try the Peach Concrete. The peaches are blended with fresh Andy’s vanilla frozen custard. These aren’t just any peaches. The peaches are REAL, and not the kind you find in syrup.

So, why are these treats so popular with fans?

Maybe it’s the whole slice of Key Lime pie and delicious peaches that are used in the concretes? Maybe it’s the fresh custard it’s blended with? Or, could it be, that it’s the two combined that makes the experience unlike any offered anywhere else?

To get the inside scoop of these two popular summer-time treats, we ask Carol Kuntz herself, co-founder of Andy’s Frozen Custard, about what she thinks makes these treats summer favorites.

“The peaches are a nice, delicate flavor. We sell them blended in a concrete, but my favorite way to eat them is on a sundae,” said Mrs. Kuntz. “We always like to try different flavors and since some of the toppings, such as peaches, are only available during certain times of the year, that’s when we have them as seasonal treats”.

As with the peaches, the Key Lime Pie concrete is available because the ingredients used in the treat are at their peak during summer time. 

If you haven’t tried one of these “limited time only” treats, Carol invites you to come by and give them a try.

Andy’s Frozen Custard has become one of the most-loved and recognized names in the industry. The company provides premium frozen custard products as well as sundaes, including their signature Ozark Turtle Sundae and James Brownie Jackhammer concrete.

About Andy’s Frozen Custard:

In 1986, John and Carol Kuntz founded the business in Osage Beach, Mo., and named it after their son and current president, Andy.  Today, Andy’s Frozen Custard is the largest privately-owned frozen custard QSR in the country with more than 500 employees system-wide.  Each Andy’s Frozen Custard location is open year round with an approach that has been fairly simple; hire great people, treat them right, and create a product that is made fresh every hour with only the finest ingredients.  Andy’s Frozen Custard focuses on three main things: product quality, customer service, and community involvement.  Now with locations throughout Missouri, Arkansas, Illinois, Oklahoma and Texas, these little custard shops offer customers a slice of hometown Americana, where “it’s fun to be a kid for a while!”  For more information, locations and hours of operation, visit