Andy's Frozen Custard Treat Bus Ads Temp Residents of Springfield


bus sign.jpg

Commuters in the city of Springfield, MO will have eye-catching Andy’s Frozen Custard ads to look at on a bus for the next year, thanks to new transit advertising. 

Andy’s Frozen Custard is using transit advertising with Houck Transit Advertising for a year term through 2016. "It's great to see the Andy’s logo on a huge moving billboard,” said Charlie Buchanan, marketing manager of Andy’s. “It’s exciting to think that so many more of our fans can see our treats, no matter what route they take in the city.” The advertisement is on one bus, which has a monthly ridership of 125,000 residents in the city. The bus has a service area of 78 square miles in Springfield and operates 14 total routes, each changing day-to-day. This means, with Springfield’s population, the monthly impressions are 386,002 people!

For additional information, images or general media inquiries please contact: Charlie Buchanan, marketing manager of Andy’s Frozen Custard (417) 881-3500 or Cayce Wallace, account executive of Houck Transit Advertising.