One-of-a-Kind Franchise

There are so many ways to answer questions about why Andy’s Custard is a one-of-a-kind franchise investment.  From our passion to our quality, here are only some of the reasons to look closer at the benefits of this ice cream franchise.


  1. 30 years of time-tested, family-based business strategies
  2. Systems proven to be both profitable and viable
  3. Strong focus on products, customers and employees
  4. Only the finest and freshest ingredients used
  5. Best recipes and equipment equate to the finest product in the industry
  6. Fast, friendly and fun environment focused on creating community
  7. Support and training provided for franchisees at each location
  8. Business model allowing entrepreneurs to replicate perfected process
  9. Ideal match for strong leaders with an attention to detail
  10. Valued concept where memories are made and recalled
  11. Smoother and richer treat than ice cream
  12. Face-to-face customer engagement
  13. Easily controlled cost of goods system
  14. Measurable staffing metrics reflecting productivity
  15. Established relationship with customers
  16. Speedy service with fresh custard made every hour
  17. Unique store design that invites customer connection
  18. Widespread name recognition with a loyal fan base
  19. Access to proprietary custard blends and other confidential programs
  20. Fanaticism for what we do
  21. Careful selection of only the most committed franchisees
  22. Creative menu full of extra toppings and seasonal specials
  23. New loyalty rewards program to thank and engage customers
  24. Locations across 18 states in the Midwest region of the U.S.
  25. Both drive-thru and walk-up service window options
  26. High expectations with huge rewards
  27. Family founded, family run
  28. Satisfaction guaranteed to every customer
  29. Extensively trained employees who create the best custard found anywhere
  30. Customer-centric interactions
  31. Community involvement dedicated to making a difference
  32. Efforts in corporate citizenship
  33. Strong media presence; online and local marketing tools
  34. Brand name maintenance through positive public perception
  35. Response to requests for improvements by customers
  36. Employees who are positive and looking for something long-term
  37. Durability during tough economic times
  38. Multiple touch points throughout the community
  39. Endurance, consistency and longevity


Andy’s Custard is a company full of people who possess an unmatched passion for delivering delicious treats to eager customers, always with several smiles.  These fanatical practices of exceptional service, perfect products and a fun work environment are what make Andy’s Custard such a special place.


If you are considering an investment in an ice cream or custard franchise, there are many decisions to make.  If any of the 39 reasons rang true for you, we invite you to learn more about the possibilities that exist within Andy’s franchising family.  Take everything into consideration, look at the big picture, and get ready for an adventure unlike any you have had before – an opportunity full of hard work and proven success within our established brand.