Andy’s Franchise Opportunity vs Going It Alone

You’ve already decided you want to forge your own path with your life.  You’ve grown tired of punching the time clock.  You no longer desire to answer to your boss.  You’re tired of your income potential being limited by a salary or hourly wage.  Perhaps you’ve already grown a successful business, and you’re looking for your next opportunity.  Regardless of background, all entrepreneurs have one thing in common:  they are ready to be the boss! 

As you begin to evaluate your dreams of opening a business, a huge decision creeps to the forefront of the decision making progress: Should I start from scratch or should I buy into an existing franchise?  In this article, we’re going to explore some of pros and cons of teaming up with Andy’s and becoming our next franchising partner.

Reasons to Go It Alone

  1. Complete Control – If you have a personality that craves complete independence and you don’t want to answer to anyone, the Andy’s franchise opportunity may not be for you. While you will have the freedom to operate your Andy’s store, you are still buying into a franchising system that has policies and procedures in place to help the franchisee operate a profitable business.
  2. Lack of Capital – Starting your own dessert business from scratch will probably be a cheaper option compared to opening a franchise with Andy’s.  Some areas of savings would include no franchise fees and lower requirements for operating capital until the custard franchise is profitable.
  3. Flexibility – Buying into an Andy’s franchise requires a commitment to the successful brand that has already been proven and established.  If you want to completely shift the focus of your business, you will only have that flexibility if you start something from scratch.
  4. Ongoing Fees – In exchange for the right to continue to operate the Andy’s brand and system, you will pay ongoing fees (royalties).  With an independent business, you wouldn’t have any royalties to pay on an ongoing basis.

Reasons to Partner with Andy’s

  1. A Proven, Profitable Concept – Partnering with Andy’s doesn’t require you to reinvent the wheel.  We’ve been providing the World’s Greatest Frozen Custard since 1986.  We know what works and what doesn’t. From operations, to hiring, to your cost of goods sold, the Andy’s Franchise corporate team has the skill and experience necessary to help you operate a profitable business.
  2. A Marketing Plan That Works – If you were to open up your own dessert shop, here are some questions you’d need to answer about how to get the word out about your new venture.  Should you spend your limited budget on radio, print, billboards, TV, internet marketing, or direct mail? And once you decide what to spend your money on, how will you track your results?  What combination of spending should you employ with each marketing opportunity?  With the Andy’s franchise system, there is no guesswork with your marketing budget.  We will implement a plan together that will help you grow your business while becoming a recognizable and trusted brand in your community.
  3. Ongoing Support – The Andy’s franchise team will be with you every step of the way. After we’ve come to a franchise agreement, we will begin working with you to get your store up and running.  Once your Andy’s Frozen Custard franchise is open, we won’t disappear. We are committed to your long-term success!
  4. Established Operating System – If you haven’t read Michael Gerber’s “The E-Myth Revisited,” you should.  Michael’s main point is this: most small business owners get caught up working on their craft (making frozen custard) rather than working on their business (running the frozen custard business). Partnering with Andy’s allows you to eliminate years of frustration and hassle trying to create an operating system that will allow you to work on your business and not just work in your business.

If you were considering opening an Andy’s franchise vs an independent shop, we hope this article has provided a balanced point of view showing the pros and cons of working with Andy’s. If you’d like to learn more about the Andy’s franchising opportuny, please watch this film to hear what our customers and other franchisees are saying about this great opportunity!

Josh Stewart

Josh is the Chief Creative / Partner at Hook Creative.